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Animals Vs Humans Preference of Music

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Animals such as dogs and cats are different compare to humans in terms of behavior and biology. However their preferences of music are quite similar. Listening or exposed to different types of music can stimulate different reactions among them. Animals are empathetic when they listen to cross species music and react with emotions and behaviors similar to humans. For example, dogs will tend to fall asleep and stay calm when exposed to classical and calming music. It also helps reduce anxiety in dogs if they are feeling stressed. With less stressed feelings, the dogs will bark less and. This result was also shown in cows and cats. In fact cows produced more milk and ate more peacefully when they listen to classical music. Comparing this with humans show very similar results. Humans are tend to be more calm and relaxed when they are listening to classical music. Classical helps humans to sleep and in some cases focus. It reduces anxiety and stress just like in cows and dogs. In contrast, just like humans, dogs and cows show aggressive behavior when listening to up beat music or hard rock music. Hard rock metal music causes the dogs to be hyper and constantly bark. The loud music will make them reckless and act unstable. Just like dogs, humans show the similar behavior acting as a metalhead. Like dogs, cows produce less milk when they are listening to fast jams. They are not calm and will act like a crazy cow. Similar to humans, animals have the same preferences of music which stimulate the same reaction just like any humans.

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