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How Creating Music Affects You

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I've been playing piano for around 7-8 years and besides playing preexisting songs, I managed to write some of my own songs. By spending time creating songs it has impacted me mentally and physically. Ideas for creating music comes while playing other songs. You can be inspired by tunes and lyrics to create your own. Many write about their feelings or general information. While creating music, the creativity of the brain becomes more sharper and you end up coming up with more innovative ideas. In addition in connecting the right and left side of the brain, creating music enhances other brain functions. It has been proven those diagnosed with ADHD are able to focus better as they write or play music. Music improves your memory and actually slows the brain aging process. As you grow older, your brain will still remain sharp and smart due to exposure to music. Creating music can also help you distinguish between spoken words because as you got used to different pitches, you can apply this to real life. Besides affect you biologically, writing music can help you mentally. Writing music can help relieve stress and make you relax. When you are playing even random sounds, this can make you forget about all the problems in your mind and actually allows you to enjoy this sound. This can make you calm and improve your creativity which will help you with your other problems. Music will help other problems, not related to music, and make you think smarter

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