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How music affects the brain

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Many people don't know how music affects the development of the brain. Each part of the brain is affected differently when exposed to music. The songs and music you listen to can change your emotions and makes the brain better. One way it can do is improve your memory. Playing music or singing improves the memory which allows you to have it for a long time even as you get old. Here is how each part of the brain is affected by music:

  • Frontal lobe: listening to music enhances its function to think and make decisions

  • Temporal Lobe: music and sound is interpreted in this part

  • Broca's area: expresses music, playing music enhances the function of this part

  • Wernike's area: analyze and enjoys music

  • Occipital Lobe: for musicians, visualize the music when reading the music sheet

  • Cerebellum: music memory is stored here

  • Hippocampus: exposure to music increases the production of neurons

  • Hypothalamus: playing or listening to music allows this part to release the hormones which allow relaxation and calmness

  • Putamen: processes the rhythm produced from the music

As you can see, every parts of the brain is improving by just being exposed to music. The sound produced can help you reduce your stress and make you do better on your work. There are many different type of music which can affect your mood. For example, upbeat and hype music can make you all energetic and happy. In contrast, melancholy and slow songs can make you calm and feel relaxed. As you listen to music, dopamine is released and your brain feels pleasure. This is how music can make you overall relaxed and pleasure. You enjoy the feeling it gives you.


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