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Working Out? Need Some Songs To Motivate You?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Look no more, working out or exercising are a good way to improve the body's health. Why not make it healthier and more enjoyable by listening to some songs. The body is more motivated and compelled to exercise more when listening to music. The most recommended type of music is fast paced, hyped music because its the most effective. When listening to a tempo similar to the workout pace, your brain synchronizes to the rhythm and kinds of "dances to the beat." Music while exercising can make you exercise longer on average around 30min. Exercising longer can increase your lifespan. This has been proven for 65 year old men whose lifespan increased by 2.5 years by exercising and listening to music at the same time.

Here are some songs which are recommended while working out:

- Don't Stop the Music- Rihanna

- Mic Drop- BTS Ft. Steve Aoki

- Work From Home- Fifth Harmony

- Higher Love- Whitney Houston

- Believer- Imagine Dragons

Some people might have their own style or favorite type of music when working out and it may be helpful. Although everyone is different, it's always better to try to listen to different music. The reason why slow paced or general calming music may not be as effective as other types is because of the beat of the song. The brain will actually slower the pace it processes and will motivate you to be slower/do less exercise.

Sources: -,a%20better%20workout%2C%20scientists%20say.&text=Listening%20to%20music%20while%20exercising,you%20less%20tired%2C%20scientists%20say.

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